AgriTechsans Plan for Interviews This Month

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The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at Texas Tech University is preparing to interview and select the newest group of AgriTechsans in April.

CASNR’s AgriTechsans are responsible for promoting and recruiting for the college and university both on and off campus. Brandyl Brooks, the current AgriTechsan advisor, is new to the position this year.

“I am excited for the interview process in April and all the nominations of the students. I think it’s going to be great,” Brooks said. “It’s been really fun working with the AgriTechsans this year and I think it’s going to be really great getting to start with a new group too.”

The AgriTechsan program has been assisting CASNR for decades. Cindy Akers, Ph. D., a previous AgriTechsan and current professor and associate dean for Academic and Student Programs at CASNR, said she is a strong supporter of AgriTechsans and the work they do for the college.

“Back when I was an AgriTechsan until now, anytime we hear about a student who’s made the biggest impact, it’s always an AgriTechsan who came to their classroom,” Akers said.

Akers believes students are the best tools to use when recruiting.

“Students relate to students,” Akers said. “When a student selects a university, they’re more apt to ask tough questions to a current student; questions that they might not want to ask an adult or a professor or an associate dean, or even a staff member. So, really, the AgriTechsans are our best tools.”

AgriTechsans are recommended by faculty members and come from a variety of majors within CASNR. If selected, students will submit a formal application to the selection committee. Applications are reviewed and sorted, and chosen applicants are invited to interview with Student Success Center staff and a group of graduating AgriTechsans. The selection committee will then choose the group of AgriTechsans for the upcoming year. The new team of AgriTechsans is trained before the beginning of the fall semester. During their term, the AgriTechsans visit local high schools, attend campus events, and travel to major stock shows to meet with potential students.