New CNA website advances both fitness and nutritional learning

Center For Nutrition and Athletics Photo courtesy of the Center For Nutrition and Athletics

The Center for Nutrition and Athletics launched a new website this past December funded by the Wheat Foods Council directed to athletes and dietitians looking for evidence-based nutritional information.

The center works to increase athlete’s nutritional awareness, ultimately aiming to enhance their health by utilizing proven nutritional science. The new website is a haven for fitness professionals, personal trainers, and their clients to seek additional nutritional information. By creating a source that offers nutritional knowledge, athletes can make better food choices. But for many, this information may be the first step to promoting a healthy, proactive life.

Texas Wheat Producer’s Director of Policy, Steelee Fischbacher, explained the objectives which the Wheat Foods Council has identified with the new website.

“We have developed the new website for fitness groups and we’re putting together more tools like continuing education credits for dietitians, where they can come do trainings related to their field of study,” Fischbacher said. “This website allows them to get credits that they’re required to have for dietitians or fitness professionals.”

This website not only acts as a resource for athletes, but also for professional dietitians. In addition to nutritional and dietetic information, classes will also be available for dietitians; allowing them to stay up to date with their certification requirements.

Fischbacher said the Wheat Foods Council is heavily involved in the development of the new website.

“The industry in the past year has taken a toll,” Fischbacher said. “For several years, we battled against the gluten-free trend and our newest efforts are to target fitness professionals.”

The website offers a variety of information from recipes, printable handouts, videos, and infographics that enable anyone to gain a better understanding of their overall health and potential goals.

Brenda Duby, a corporate dietitian for United Supermarkets, explained why it’s important for athletes to have carbohydrates in their diets.

“Carbohydrates are essential to athletes,” Duby said. “It is important that athletes get the carbohydrates they need in order to perform at a high level.”