A Blueprint for Growth

Jason Sowell has full confidence in the success of After Design.

andscape architecture design is a tedious process. Every inch of a design has been thought out to ensure the final product is harmonious and successful. Each finished blueprint has numerous hours and dedication hidden behind paper. Jason Sowell and Justin Palacios took on the task of making a blueprint for an event to showcase Texas Tech University’s Department of Landscape Architecture. The event started on paper would be known as After Design.

One of the coordinators of the event, Jason Sowell, is an associate professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture. He said the inspiration and reasoning behind the event was his research.

“This event emerged from my research in landscape technology, which increasingly recognizes the role of management and maintenance in a landscape’s development and execution,” Sowell said. “Contemporary landscapes require the integration of complex social, technical and biophysical processes, especially over protracted time periods.”

Sowell said After Design will allow outside recommendations for the research happening in the Department of Landscape Architecture through speakers and workshops. Sowell said he hopes After Design will be create a network of scholars to discuss management concerns in landscapes. Secondly, Sowell said he wants to start a discussion about making management a critical link to landscape architecture design.

Sowell is looking forward to the scholars speaking at After Design.

“The speakers are world-renowned scholars within their respective disciplines, and they each have expertise for creating a better world,” Sowell said. “The chance to meet and discuss their work and its application is exceptional.”

After Design is also a blueprint for appreciation. The event was partly put together to highlight the Department of Landscape Architecture’s growth. Alumni of the program will have the chance to see the changes in the department.

Justin Palacios is the marketing coordinator and graduate student in the Department of Landscape Architecture.

“We wanted to set forth that our department is in a revitalization stage,” Palacios said. “We wanted to get the word out there and get that bus rolling.”

After Design will also provide the opportunity for alumni to receive continued education hours. Landscape architects are required to have 12 hours of continued education hours to be a licensed architect in Texas. After Design will allow alumni to get up to four and a half hours for free just by sending in the lectures for proof of attendance to the American Society of Landscape Architects. Palacios said this added bonus of the event shows the care the department has for its alumni.

“We care about you when you are in our program and after you leave the program,” he said.

After Design’s blueprint took a year’s worth of planning to set into motion.

“A lot of effort has been put into developing, organizing and scheduling the symposium’s content from all involved,” Sowell said.

Sowell shared his hopes about the outcomes of After Design. He said he hopes that an appreciation for management as a form of innovation.

“First, I hope for an appreciation for management as a focus in the design of landscapes, infrastructure and urban regions,” Sowell said. “Second is an interest in how different disciplines understand or address management concerns, and what we can learn from one another.”

Planning an event this size was a challenge. Palacios said he had to step back from planning and revaluate to understand and appreciate the purpose and outcome of After Design.

“I see a gala. I see a lot of people talking, a lot of two-way communication between scholars and alumni and students networking,” Palacios said.