A Spice of Life: Ariana Rivera

student at Texas Tech Ariana Rivera brings a boost of life to Texas Tech University. She is involved in multiple school organizations, and is excited to continue her education.

oming from one of the most vibrant and cultural cities in Texas, San Antonio. Ariana Rivera is an undergraduate student at Texas Tech University studying in the department of natural recourse management program (NRM). Her love for conservation helped her make the decision to pursue her education in protecting the environment.

“I think that protecting the environment for future generations is extremely important and I think that this degree can help me to do just that,” Rivera said.

The NRM bachelor’s degree offers many classes that give students a hands-on experience. 

“In my very first intro to NRM class we learned so many skills on outdoor excursions and a camping trip to Junction, Texas which was such a cool and unique experience that you can only get in NRM at Texas Tech,” Rivera said. 

Between the exceptional classes, professors and school spirit Texas Tech will always hold a special place in Rivera’s heart. 

“I have been in the Goin’ Band for two years,” Rivera said, “and it was such an amazing experience to enter the sold-out Jones stadium through the tunnels and be on the field to perform the pregame festivities,” Rivera explained. 

She stays busy between her studies, being part of the Goin’ Band, working for Top Teir Catering, interning at the Science Spectrum, and being a member of the Wildlife Society. 

Rivera hopes first year students will make the most of their collegiate experience too.  

My one piece of advice is that every year counts. Even if you don’t finish early like I did, cherish every semester and really strive to do your absolute best.

The Future

In May of 2020, Rivera will graduate with her bachelor’s degree.  Currently, she wants to pursue graduate school to ultimately receive her doctoral degree in natural resource management. She stated that her career goals may seem vague right now, but in general she hopes to share her knowledge of the environment with those who are not as well-informed.  

“I think it would be amazing to travel to other countries and teach people how to sustainably obtain resources from the earth so that they can prosper without harming the earth,” Rivera said. 

Rivera gave thanks to her parents for helping her along this journey of her life. 

“When I graduate, the degree I get, and all my future accomplishments will be their accomplishments as much as mine,” Rivera said.

A group of fellow students spoke kindly about Rivera.

“Her work ethic is something that I have aspired to have, and she always has a smile on her face.” said one of the students. 

Rivera brought her San Antonio spice of life to a West Texas town, and found her home here at Texas Tech University. 

Purple Deadnettle
The Purple Deadnettle is a flower that Rivera admires. The outer color is breathtaking, all while being tough to the conditions around it.