Numbers Queen of CASNR

Linda Whitebread stands outside the administration building, showing her signature smile.

Crucial to the Cause


veryone at the dean’s office at the College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources will tell you how important Linda Whitebread is to the program. Whether it be her sweet demeanor or her admirable work ethic, Whitebread goes above and beyond to get her job done.

Whitebread’s Past

Linda Whitebread has been working in finance ever since she kept the books at the Portales Municipal airport in Portales, New Mexico, while she attended college at Eastern New Mexico University. Convenient for her as she grew up in nearby Demi, New Mexico, about 30 miles from the Mexican border. After school Whitebread says she took the long route to Lubbock. Over the years, Whitebread and her husband lived in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and then North Carolina before they moved to Lubbock, Texas. Other than in finance, jobs she has held include working in research at Kimberly Clark, as an events coordinator at a chamber of commerce in Indiana, as well as a volunteer work. After moving to Lubbock, Whitebread joined the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts where she currently sits on the board of directors. She credits herself as a part of the first ever First Friday Art Trail put on by LHUCA. Although she does not make art, she likes to see people enjoy and be exposed to it. Since joining many years ago Whitebread is proud to see what LHUCA has become. She encourages all students to go and attend the First Friday Art Trail.

“She’s that behind the scenes person that makes everyone look better,”

Renowned Character

Linda Whitebread is the director of administration and finance for the Texas Tech University College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Cindy Akers, the associate dean for academic and student programs at CASNR, has worked with Whitebread for years.

“She is the best at what she does and at the same time, she conducts her business in the kindest and most humble way possible,” Akers said.

Good With Numbers

Whitebread has a knack for numbers. When asked what her dream job is, Whitebread says she is in it.

“This is what I like to do.” Whitebread said “I’ve done a lot of things in my life, different kinds of jobs, and I like what I’m doing now.”

She is confident in her ability. Whitebread says she remembers numbers pretty easily. Which seems to be important in a position such as hers.

As Director of Administration and Finance, Whitebread manages the funds for the dean’s office. She also works with each of the seven departments of CASNR managing funds and helping people to answer questions within the department. As far as her favorite part of the job, Whitebread says it’s the people she works with.

 “Working with the people is my favorite. Said Whitebread”

While balancing ledgers and working with budgets take up most of Whitebread’s time. She is in charge of keeping up with the inventory in the dean’s office, as well as helping with the hiring and appointing of people in the dean’s office and the vet science graduate program.

From Her Peers

There are many in the college who appreciate the work Whitebread does, such as Dr. Cindy Akers.

“She’s that behind the scenes person that makes everyone look better,” said Akers. In a stressful environment such as finance, there is no question as to her value to the college. It’s not just Akers who will attest to Whitebread’s character. Julann Curlee, the executive associate to the dean, also had something to say about it.

“She is somebody that will do anything for anyone, she’s always willing to take on more, and do whatever it takes to get things done. Said Curlee” “She’s a very good team player, and just has a very sweet demeanor about her.”

Red and Black Through and Through

When asked what she likes about Lubbock, Texas, Whitebread says she loves the people. “I think they are so nice” she said.

 Whitebread also has a passion for the University. She enjoys cheering on the Red Raiders in whatever in whatever sports they may be competing in. She says it is one of her favorite past times in Lubbock. As for the university, she applauds the wonderful goals it sets for the students and the university academically. Specifically the strides that Texas Tech is taking with research, especially in the last ten years, as well as it’s focus on diversity.

 Whitebread also admires the student success center at Texas Tech, and has even helped with some of it’s finances.


“Tech does a good job of connecting with students and are really willing to help them succeed and we are seeing that across the campus. she said.”

There is no question as to the role Whitebread has in CASNR. Her coworkers think the world of her, and appreciate the time and effort she puts into her job. CASNR to truly lucky to have someone such as her on staff.

TOP: Goddard hall where Whitebread works during a sunset. LEET: Inside these doors Whitebread spends her time balancing budgets and and helping with administrating for the college. RIGHT: Linda Whitebread stands in the newly renovated  courtyard of the Goddard building.