Bret-Leigh Nance

Texas A&M University School of Law

Student athlete Bret-Leigh Nance represents Texas Tech University.

Texas Tech University track and field athlete Bret-Leigh Nance is running the race for success. The agricultural communication student has run track at Texas Tech for four years. Her passion for agriculture has pushed her to become a lawyer. She will attend Texas A&M University School of Law in May after graduating from Texas Tech with a Bachelor’s of Science in Agricultural Communications. 

 “I want to study law so that I can help my community. I come from a rural community that is often affected by rules and regulations often made by people who do not understand agriculture,” Nance said. “I hope to one day help to create policy that will help and not harm agriculture.”

Nance gives credit to her parents for pushing her to be her best.

 “My parents have been the biggest influence, they always told me education comes first and that if you work hard enough you can do anything.” Nance said. 

Nance stays busy on campus with her studies and participating as a Texas Tech athlete. 

“Track has helped me by not only providing me all the resources I need to succeed but has also taught me valuable life skills such as time management, teamwork and resilience.”

She encourages first-year students to get involved with organizations at Texas Tech.

“The connections you make are just as valuable as the education you obtain,” Nance said. “Try to build your network as large as you can.”

She is excited about her future and what she can do to give back to people in Texas. 

“After law school, I plan to move back the Hill Country and eventually open up my own practice around Fredericksburg, Texas,” Nance said. “Later in life, I would like to run for Texas agcommissioner so I can help even more people.”

Bret-Leigh is proud of her accomplishments she has earned over the last four years.

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