Evan Johnson

Texas Tech University School of Law

Native to the South Plains, Evan Johnson, is a Texas Tech University School of Law student that graduated from the Department of Agricultural Education and Communications. Her roots in agriculture have molded her to focus on water law, which has been dear to her heart from a young age. 

“I met and cultivated relationships with many agriculturists, farmers, and ranchers,” Johnson said. “ I listened to them reflect on their lives of service in agriculture and the successes they realized in addition to the struggles they endured. After months of conversations with these men and women, I realized the importance and need that existed to represent and communicate the mission of these producers.”

The agricultural communications degree offers a diverse way of giving a hands-on experience. 

“Agricultural communications allowed me to develop many skills, such as writing, design, photography, and a general sense of professionalism that I have implemented in my professional journey,” Johnson said. “The professors in agricultural communications truly care about their students, and I think that makes a huge difference when you are receiving an education and striving for success.”

Johnson said when deciding where to study law, it was easy for her to make the decision to go to Texas Tech Law with it being her number one option. 

Evan Johnson is proud of the school she represents.

“Tech Law puts students first and teaches the practical skills that make good lawyers. In addition, I remain passionate about agriculture and the culture of West Texas; I hope to remain here and serve the people of the area.”

She encourages students to get involved and to voice future goals and dreams to professors. 

“You should work hard now, listen to your agcomm professors, and talk to them about your aspirations because they want you to succeed,” Johnson said. “Law school is hard, but it is worth it and so are you.”