Haley Hudson

Agricultural and Applied Economics

Interning, studying abroad, and working while obtaining a degree is not something the average college student thinks can be accomplished, but one Texas Tech University student is proving it can be done.

Haley Hudson, from Lubbock, Texas, is a senior majoring in agricultural and applied economics and minoring in psychology and political science. She is a student assistant in the Office of the President for the Chief Compliance and Security Officer, a member of Presidents Select, and the Congressional Internship Coordinator. Her schedule may seem full, but Hudson has also been accepted into Texas Tech Law School.

Hudson personality
Haley’s vibrant spirit is a valuable asset for the opportunities she has took part in.

“While sometimes I may feel extremely busy it is definitely manageable,” Hudson said. “It is good to diversify your portfolio and resume by getting involved.” 

“My experiences at Texas Tech have helped me develop as a person, both professionally and interpersonally.”

Haley Hudson

Students at Texas Tech have the option to become a part of multiple clubs, organizations, teams, and jobs while earning their degree. Hudson said she thinks these opportunities can set students up for success in the future by giving them world experiences.

“Finding one or two things that you are passionate about and can put your all into is advice I would give every student,” Hudson said. “But, don’t make yourself miserable by becoming a part of too many things.”

Darren Hudson, Ph.D., is not only a professor and Larry Combest Chair of the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics but he is also Hudson’s dad. He said he is proud of how well she represents the AAEC department, not only in academics, but in her involvement outside of the department.  

“Haley represents the idea that you can learn a lot in your education.” Hudson said, “And then you can use those skills to push outside of the classroom environment to do great things.” 

It is obvious that Hudson is an accomplished individual inside and out of the classroom. She attributes this to her experiences at Texas Tech. 

“My experiences at Texas Tech have helped me develop as a person, both professionally and interpersonally,” Hudson said. “That is why I think Texas Tech is great.”