Private College to Big College

Cindi Hazelton from Quincy, Massachusetts, decided to take a leap of faith when moving from her small, private school to a larger out-of-state school.

Receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Eastern Nazarene College, Hazelton enjoyed every aspect of the small college. But then came the time to decide on where to go to graduate school. Making the big move to New Mexico, she discovered to attend Texas Tech University.

“I was pretty on the fence about going back to graduate school,” Hazelton said.

She said she did not pick Texas Tech for any particular reason, but since moving to New Mexico, she said she enjoyed the area a lot.

“All the pieces just fell together,” Hazelton said.

Loving all of the people and her advisors, Hazelton knew Texas Tech was a good choice. She said her advisors made her feel comfortable about having a different background and experience than what she was applying for.

Being the only graduate school she applied to, Hazelton said she loved the fact that Texas Tech was big and had a lot of funding for her research. She said she did not regret only applying to Texas Tech, and that her classes are fun and easy.

Hazelton said she would recommend undergraduate students to consider Texas Tech’s natural resources management graduate program.

“I enjoy being at Tech,” Hazelton said. “I think there’s so much it has to offer. There are so many classes, workshops and different groups to be a part of.”

There is so much that goes into picking a university to pursue a master’s degree. Hearing about Hazelton’s experience will give everyone a good insight into what it is like choosing Texas Tech for theirs.

All the pieces just fell together.

Cindi Hazelton

I am a senior at Texas Tech University. I am getting my major in Agricultural Communications. After graduation I will be attending training in the United States Army for my career there.

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