From the Southeast, to the South Plains

The base of the Appalachian Mountains in Cleveland, Georgia, is not the place you would expect to find a Texas Tech Red Raider. Bucky Jackson, however, is not a typical young man.

Growing up in the mountains of North Georgia, Jackson was heavily involved in his local FFA chapter. Through his membership, he was encouraged by his advisor, Dustin Keener, to show market goats.

Jackson grew up on his family’s commercial beef cattle operation in the mountains of Georgia.

“Bucky is a great kid,” Keener said. “If you do not know about his passion for agriculture and the livestock industry, it is because you have never listened to him talk.”

As Jackson progressed into his high school years, he became interested in livestock judging. His interests soon grew into a passion and led Jackson to seek out higher education that would allow him to increase his knowledge of the livestock industry.

For his first two years of post-high school education, Jackson attended Fort Scott Community College while competing on the school’s extremely successful livestock judging team. To continue fulfilling his aspirations in the livestock field, Jackson decided to transfer to Texas Tech University to complete his undergraduate education.

“My decision was not very hard,” Jackson said. “Ever since I had started this journey, I had one school in mind and that was Texas Tech.”

Jackson has continued competing as a member of the Texas Tech judging program.

“Dr. Rathmann was one of the biggest reasons I came,” Jackson said. “His reputation as a coach and mentor made me want to be a part of this team and represent this school.”

Jackson plans to complete his undergraduate degree in the field of animal science at Texas Tech and utilize his education to attain a profession in the sales of agricultural pharmaceuticals. Jackson’s passion for the livestock industry is a true testament to the dedication and work ethic possessed by the Red Raider family.

 “This industry is what I have grown up loving,” Jackson said, “and I hope I can pass on my passion for agriculture to my kids one day.”

“Ever since I had started this journey, I had one school in mind and that was Texas Tech.”

Bucky Jackson
Bucky Jackson is and animal science major who hopes to find a career selling agricultural pharmeceudicals.