A lifetime lifestyle 

An outdoor lifestyle is not the ideal setup for everyone, but for Jake Burke, a junior natural resource management major at Texas Tech University, it is perfect. Burke knew that he was meant to be outdoors, but he did not know how long that passion would last. Burke was very invested in building things out of nothing, and just simply enjoying fun in the sun.  

He also had a huge passion for the color’s scarlet and black. 

“Growing up I always knew I would be a Red Raider at Texas Tech University,” Burke said.  

Burke came to Texas Tech as a mechanical engineering major, but after finishing three semesters he realized sitting at a desk was not for him. He started exploring opportunities that matched his outdoor personality. Burke stumbled upon the Davis College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and found his fit.  

“It just seemed like it was a natural fit because I have always loved the outdoors, hiking, camping, and exploring new territories,” Burke said.  

I always knew I would be a Red Raider.”

Jake Burke

Soon after finding his place and gaining knowledge in his new degree, Burke joined new clubs and organizations including one that checked all the right boxes for him. The Wildlife Society at Texas Tech. This organization offers students hands-on experiences while also checking their growth. Burke enjoyed one trip where the group got the chance to travel to South Texas and work with white tail deer.  

Burke also found the Bridge Adventures program, which gives students the opportunity to explore their interests and get out of their comfort zones. One thing that Burke is most excited for in this program is going on a “leave no trace,” hiking trip. These trips are for participants to go out and enjoy the setting they are exploring while leaving no trace of disturbing the nature around them.  

“His knowledge on wildlife and the field is always impressive when hearing him speak about it or seeing him show what he knows. Said Amaris Shammaa, a Texas Tech natural resource management major.  

Be it finding new passions or strengthening those that you have, never be afraid to accept a challenge and leave no trace.