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On a cold December afternoon, cars filled up the parking lot of has long been just as a quaint store in sparsely-populated West Texas for cowboys to buy essentials. Today, however, it has become a trendy destination.

At the turn of the twentieth century, with no store within 30 miles or more of Guthrie, Texas., Captain Samuel Burk Burnett established his take of a “convenience store” to provide for the cowboys and their families who operated the famous Four Sixes Ranch. In 1900, the Four Sixes Supply House was one of the first buildings to be built on the legendary ranch. It was a place to buy gloves, groceries, or gasoline for the ranching community and their families. 

Brandie Mustian grew up on the ranch where her father, Glenn Blodgett, DVM, was the ranch veterinarian. Today, Mustain oversees the growth and development of their retail division. She said the Four Sixes Supply House has long provided a convenient place for the ranch’s cowboys to get the provisions they need. 

“It was managed mostly to serve the community and the ranch,” Mustian said, who is a Texas Tech University alumna.

Today, the same building is being used to sell goods, but has also expanded to include iconic, original and functional merchandise that represents the Four Sixes brand. However, it’s been the popularity of two television series – Yellowstone and 1883 – that has catapulted the Four Sixes Ranch and Supply House into the national spotlight. The producer, Taylor Sheridan, used the historical ranch for a filming location for both of the TV shows. The tiny supply house in Guthrie, Texas, is now a tourist attraction for people across the world.

“I just love being apart of the Four Sixes and what it stands for.”

Kiimberly lindsey

People are interested in what the ranch life is like, but also stop by to grab a souvenir or two. Kimberly Lindsey, Four Sixes Supply House manager, has seen first-hand the transition of what it was like before the popularity. 

“We used to range up to 25 online orders a day but now we can get up to 200 online orders a day,” Lindsey said.

The Supply House team has had to adjust to accommodate the high demand but are excited for the growth of the brand. 

“I am blessed to be part of a team of women who are all extremely talented,” Mustian said.

Keeping the Legacy

With the steady flow of tourists, the Supply House team has met new people from all over the country, but most importantly, they have had the chance to tell the story of what the ranch represents according to the Supply House team. Mustian said they quickly realized the fame had brought in a whole new audience that is not familiar with the western lifestyle, which gave them countless opportunities to highlight the legacy of the ranch. Each Supply House teammember is excited to be an agricultural advocate as they all have some sort of agricultural background.

“Being a part of a platform to educate those who know little about our way of life excites me and my colleagues,” Mustian said.

According to Lindsey, the brand is also traveling more across the United States to share the heritage and lifestyle through pop-up shows at rodeos or events. Pop-up shows are a unique way to highlight what the legacy is made up of:faith, integrity, strength, and excellence. Not only does the Supply House team have a major role in representing thebrand but the Four Sixes cowboys do as well through handcrafted quirts and halters. The Burson collection is made by Dusty, True, and Chelsey Lou Burson, who live and work on the ranch. Each has a crucial role in the process of creating a representation of the brand.

Mustian said the Supply House team is taking their new fame all in stride. 

Dusty and True use “meticulous eyes and skilled hands” to create durable, fitted, and responsive halters for a variety of mares and studs.

A Look in the Future

“You can expect our brand to grow in many ways,” Mustian said. “You will see new product categories, new channels to purchase product, and more.”

Although adapting to the increased demand has been challenging and a new reality to majority of the Supply House team, Mustian said they continue to work hard to not only market products but to keep the brand’s legacy alive.

 “We get the unique privilege to take a true heritage brand and expand on it,” she said.