Gaining Partnerships by Building Relationships  

Photo courtesy of Alex Yack

New people, new beginnings for students and the start of building lifelong relationships with those who want to support the Texas Tech University students and traditions.  

 Being the senior director of development for external relations for the Davis College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources is not just a job that one can take lightly. Alex Yack, who currently holds the position, loves to build relationships, and help students by gaining great partnerships with generous donors.  

“At the root of fundraising, it’s all based on building relationships,” Yack said.  

Yack is passionate about growing the culture that the Davis College has to offer while also maintaining what is already established. During his time at Texas Tech, he has had the opportunity to meet many people in more than just this department. Yack previously worked in the athletics department where he also had the opportunity to work with donors and help build lasting relationships with them. 

In November of 2021, Yack moved over to the Davis College and continued to work on developing donor partnerships to help grow opportunities for students. When working with donors it can be especially important to know what makes your department or organization worthy of their investment.  

At the root of fundraising, it’s all based on building relationships.”

Alex Yack

“Students in our department come out and they’re ready to go, they are ready to make a difference and share their knowledge,” Yack said.  

When talking to donors it is important for them to know that their gifts are helping students from all levels of society make a difference in the world. While having these conversations and building these bonds, Yack is not only helping the donors remember why they love Texas Tech, but also helping them see why their help is important.  

“Inside the office or out, Alex is always sharing positivity and helping others,” said Shelbey Havens, college recruiter for the Davis College.  

When thinking of a college education we do not always think of those behind the scenes, such as Alex Yack, but he is a light that helps students obtain the knowledge they need. When thinking about donors we often see dollar signs, but instead Alex Yack sees meaningful relationships that can help others grow.