Macie Miller: Agricultural Education & Communications

Photo courtesy of Darbey Havens

Growing up in the small town of Holiday, Texas, Macie Miller grew up in the agricultural industry which shaped her into the young woman she is today. A junior at Texas Tech University, Miller is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education with a minor in political science and legal studies. Her father being an agricultural science teacher greatly influenced her decision to major in agricultural education.

“My life was very heavily impacted and influenced by these different agricultural science educators,” Miller said. “That’s why I chose agricultural education, because I wanted to someday leave that same level of impact within students’ lives.”

Miller is involved in many organizations on campus, including Sigma Alpha agricultural sorority, President’s Select student ambassadors, Agri-Techsan, Texas Tech Collegiate FFA, Agricultural Ambassadors and Tech Leadership Institute. Raised with an agricultural mindset, staying busy was her way of life, and she carried those habits into her college career.

“I’ve always done everything,” Miller said.  “I think that’s why I wanted to be as involved as I am [at Texas Tech].”

Miller has described herself as an opportunist and will take any challenge thrown her way. Even with her very busy schedule, she decided to pursue a government internship in Washington, D.C. Miller has described the experience as one of the best she has had at Texas Tech.

“I love this internship so much,” Miller said. “It’s giving me the opportunity to be able to experience firsthand that this is our country, and here are why and how things are run. I would advocate [for] this internship all day long.”

Shelbey Havens is the assistant director of recruitment for the Davis College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and has had an opportunity to work with Miller in the past semesters.

“Our college and student recruiting organization [Agri-Techsans] are fortunate to have hard-working, energetic, welcoming, personable and motivated students like Ms. Miller,” Havens said.

“I wanted to someday leave the same level of impact within students’ lives.