Cambry Cline: Agricultural Communications

Content creation, research writing, photography, videography, and much more are all in a day’s work for Cambry Cline, an intern at the National Ranching Heritage Center. Cline is a senior, agricultural communications major, who has been working in her internship position since May 2022. Originally, this internship was only for the duration of one summer, however, after falling in love with her work, Cline extended her internship through the school year.

Being from the Texas Panhandle, Cline understands and appreciates the ranching lifestyle that spans across the plains and enjoys being able to help preserve the culture.

“That’s something we really stress in our content, is that there is the entire plains area, and it is interesting how those different traditions have migrated across the country throughout history,” Cline said. “And then, to preserve that in this one place at the Heritage Center is really special.”

The National Ranching Heritage Center and Texas Tech University have a strong connection. Many of the employees at the center are alumni of Texas Tech, and more specifically of the Davis College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Several of

Cline’s direct bosses are alumni of the agricultural communications program at Texas Tech. Cline explained how her boss has become her mentor through this knowledge they share.

“It has been insanely beneficial because she’s become very much like a mentor to me, she is able to relate to my experiences,” Cline said.

Beyond the skills Cline has gained through her internship, she also explained how her undergraduate classes have set her up for future success. Cline explained how the creative process of producing The Agriculturist magazine is something she will carry with her into her future.

“To relate that experience to a future job interview, or in my future position, is something that I think I’ll cherish probably the rest of my career,” Cline said.

Cline will be graduating in May of 2023 and plans to attend graduate school to pursue a master’s degree in agricultural communications at Texas Tech University. Being a transfer student and coming into the agricultural communications program Cline has felt nothing but welcome from everyone at Texas Tech University.

“I think that [faculty and staff] opening their arms and kind of being willing to help me catch up in a sense, is what made me be so passionate about our degree,” Cline said.