Chase Collier: Agricultural Economics

Chase Collier is a young entrepreneur and owner of Chase Collier Welding Company. He has established himself as a skilled residential contractor in Texas, specializing in various projects from custom-made furniture to large-scale commercial projects. With his expertise, Collier has been involved in several high-profile projects for big companies such as H-E-B and BrightView Landscape Services.

Collier expressed his love for his work after stating his high school welding teacher sparked his passion for welding, encouraging him to follow through with his great potential at such an early age.

“I love every last second of it,” Collier said.

As a young contractor, Collier encountered skepticism from individuals doubting his skills and experience as a young man. However, he has persevered and earned trust by building strong relationships and effectively and transparently communicating with clients. Collier believes communication is the key to success in any industry, and keeping his clients informed about any challenges or changes arising throughout his projects. 

“80% of success in any industry is showing up on time, keeping good communication, and delivering what you promised,” Collier said.

One of Collier’s greatest achievements was the Uptown Square Dog Park in San Marcos, Texas. Here he realized his skills in handling large projects, further motivating him to continue growing in his field driving him to stay current with the latest welding techniques and trends and regularly consult with other professionals and companies, learning from their experiences.

80% of success in any industry is showing up on time, keeping good communication, and delivering what you promised

Chase Collier

Despite his growing success, Collier remains humble and committed to improving his craft. He often offers discounts on new projects he finds challenging to gain more experience and provide his clients with higher satisfaction. With his passion for welding and dedication to his clients, Collier has become a respected figure in the industry and continues to inspire others to pursue their passions.

“This has to be a career that you know you’re in it for the long haul or else there’s no purpose,” Collier said. “You have to endure the first couple of years of not making a penny, having one or two jobs, or working the jobs that no one else wants, you do what you need to do just to get your name out there.”