Emma Taber: Agricultural Communications

Emma Taber posing with a beautiful bouquet she made.

Growing up in the Golden State of California, Emma Taber has always been surrounded by color. For as long as she can remember, she has always encompassed color theory and had a creative edge. 

At 15-years-old, Taber took a floral design class through her FFA chapter in Bakersfield, CA, which sparked her interest in the floral industry. 

“The main motivation for the business was I was seeing all these people [overpaying] for bouquets, and I remember thinking, ‘We can do this better,’ Taber said.

Over the years Taber’s business, Emz Stemz, has grown and flourished, literally. When looking for a college, Taber found herself in love with Texas Tech University. She commended the advising faculty for helping tailor her courses to help her become an even more successful business owner.

“The faculty advising piece has been a huge aspect for me, because when I came in as a freshman, I told Dr. Kennedy, my advisor, ‘Listen, I have this floral business, and I love it, but I don’t know how to market it myself,’ Taber said.

As a student and entrepreneur at Texas Tech, she is combining her studies in agricultural communications with her passion for Emz Stemz to grow something bigger. 

“Being able to adapt and cater to different kinds of people has been really valuable for me,” Taber said. “Even from the aspect of learning technical and tangible skills that I can use to propel my business.”

During her time at Texas Tech, Taber has been able to keep adding to her skills to help grow and market her business, while learning how to overcome other obstacles most entrepreneurs face. Taber, along with the help of her advisor, has tailored her courses to help her become an even more successful business owner and hopefully inspire other students to start their own businesses. 

“Take that time to dig deep into what you love and why you love it,” said Taber. “It will be a lot more long-lasting.”

“What absolutely keeps me going and keeps me wanting to come back is being able to make somebody feel seen and beautiful through being able to give them an arrangement that is only for them. There will never be another one like it, it was made just for them.”

Emma Taber