Ginger Orton: Agricultural Communications

Ginger Orton's headshot Ginger Orton, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communications, has focused her student research in climate change communications.

Hailing from south Georgia, Ginger Orton is studying to make an impact on the future of agriculture. Ginger, an agricultural communications doctoral student at the Davis College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, has dedicated her research to climate change communications. 

Raised on a cattle ranch and Tyson poultry broiler operation, Ginger has a lifetime of knowledge leading her research. 

“I was raised in an ag and animal ag specifically, but my parents’ operation was focused on environmental stewardship and sustainability,” Orton Said. “So, maybe not unique but I was raised in an operation that prioritizes environmental stewardship.”

“I was raised in an operation that prioritizes environmental stewardship”

Ginger Orton

Orton’s passion for agricultural communications stems from her participation in FFA, competing in public speaking. That passion resulted in her attending Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and earning her undergraduate degree in Agricultural Communications. 

During the senior year of her undergraduate degree, Orton gained an interest in the theory and research aspects of communication. Ultimately, this led to her choosing Texas Tech University. Orton has already completed her Master’s of Science in Agricultural Communications at TTU and is currently in the doctorate program. 

“Texas Tech has helped me by aligning my research interests with university wide missions,” said Orton. 

Advocating for agriculture is just the start for Orton, she not only longs to be an advocate for agriculture’s potential to mitigate climate change, but also wants to teach the next generation. Referring to herself as a scientific communicator, her research is intended to build an informed narrative on climate change communications for the public, to debunk false prejudice. 

After finishing her Ph.D. in agricultural communications, Orton’s goal is to go back to south Georgia to teach agricultural communications at the university level, not only to continue her research and teaching but also for her family’s operation. She hopes to one day take over her family farm, but for now, is invested in climate change communications.