Jenne Arrott: Agricultural Communications

Jenne Arrott in Austin at the Capitol

As a sixth-generation Red Raider, Jenne Arrott has been accustomed to the programs implemented by the university to help their students succeed, and taken advantage of them. 

Being raised in San Antonio, Texas, Arrott was not directly involved with agriculture.

“My grandfather has a ranch,” Arrott said, “but I didn’t really know the depths of production and distribution and all the different things that go into the ag industry and how multifaceted it is.”

After a push from her grandfather, Arrott decided to pursue a degree in agricultural communications. 

“I’ve always loved writing journalism, news, and I also have always loved communicating and speaking with people,” Arrott said.

While Lubbock, Texas, was a hard transition for a girl used to the thrill of city life, she soon became accustomed to the small-town feel of the West Texas city. Arrott soon found the desire to be immersed in her new community. 

“This entire experience, and it’s not even done yet, has been everything that I have wanted and more,” Arrot said.

Arrott has become deeply involved in many aspects of the Davis College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. She has been a student assistant at the Dr. Bill Bennett Student Success Center, a member of the student-recruiting organization AgriTechsans, a member of the third cohort of the Matador Institute of Leadership Engagement, and recently completed a Davis College Government Internship in Austin, Texas.  

“I’m really lucky because when this thing is over, it’s going to be really sad to say, ‘Bye’,” Arrott said, describing her time in Austin. “I’ve met people that have completely taken a chance on me as a twenty-something and they believed in me.” 

Through the support she has received from colleagues in the Davis College and the resources she received in her education,  Arrott believes she is prepared to take on the professional world better than students in other programs and universities.  

“Everything at Texas Tech and the Davis College is exceptional,” Arrott said. “I think that anyone can tell you who’s been through it, our programs are unmatched.”