Jennifer Giron: Plant & Soil Sciences

Fueled by her desire to help and watch students grow, Dr. Jennifer Giron wants to be at the forefront of research. Since 2018 she has been the Acting Collection Manager of the Invertebrate Zoology collection at the Texas Tech University Museum. Before coming to Tech, she had conducted studies in Biology and environmental engineering at the University of Kansas and the University of Puerto Rico. “I have always had a passion for learning, and coming to Texas Tech seemed like a great opportunity,” said Giron. 

I want students to always be open to new experiences

Jennifer Giron

 During Giron’s stint at the museum, she has overseen the research of digitizing insects into a digital system that will benefit entomologists around the globe. “In simple terms, we are gaining information on native insects to Texas about what they look like and their habitat and uploading them to a database that can be easily accessed by anyone,” said Giron.

  Thanks to this collection, conservationists are more informed and can help save certain endangered species.  When starting, most of the samples were captured in the early 90s, but with more interest in the project, many updated samples have been added to the collection.

 Giron made it very clear that she loves watching students learn and expand their horizons. “Watching these students learn lessons they can’t learn in a classroom really brings me joy and is the best thing about my job,” said Giron. 

 Giron expressed optimism for the future and hopes that the museum will be known as a place where students can get hands-on experience rather than a place to store relics of the past. “ The museum has been around for 50 years, that’s half of the university’s life, and people still don’t even know we exist, I really want students to know that it’s important to be informed to form their perspectives and that they should always open themselves up to new experiences.”