Reagan Taylor: Agricultural Education 

Regan Taylor
Reagan Taylor, senior agricultural education major

Reagan Taylor is a driven and passionate student who is dedicated to pursuing her career in agriculture education. Taylor is a junior at Texas Tech University from Cyprus, Texas. She is an agricultural education major and pursuing a minor in animal science. 

Taylor says because of her background she has a strong foundation and love for agriculture and is committed to continuously improving her knowledge and skills.

Taylor’s passion for agriculture stems from her belief that it plays a crucial role in the world.

 “Without ag, a lot of things in the world would not go round,” Taylor said.

“Without ag, a lot of things in the world would not go round.”

Reagan Taylor

Taylor was a part of FFA all four years of high school, this helped her to further her passion for agriculture. She served as her FFA chapter president, demonstrating her excellent organizational and motivational skills. Taylor also participated in various activities such as showing pigs, poultry judging, and participating in events such as the agricultural skills contest. These events allowed her to gain hands-on experience with livestock and leadership.

Reflecting on her experiences in FFA, Taylor emphasizes the value of the program in teaching young individual’s important responsibilities and skills. 

“I learned a lot of responsibilities from when I was in FFA. This is a really valuable program to be able to teach to kids,” Taylor said.

Currently, Taylor is an active member of the Collegiate FFA and Phi Kappa Phi. Being a part of these clubs showcases her commitment to academic excellence and her desire to be part of a community of like-minded individuals who share her passion for agriculture.

Taylor currently works as a student manager at Red Raider Meats, where she has developed skills such as teamwork, effective communication, and time management.

Looking ahead, Taylor plans to begin her student teaching in the spring of 2024 and hopes to teach in Lubbock or surrounding areas. 

After Taylor graduates with her undergraduate degree, she plans to apply to the Texas Tech graduate program for agricultural education. She then will apply for an assistantship where she can teach while attending graduate school. Taylor’s drive and dedication to her field make her an asset to any team she joins.