Rich in Diversity

The Texas Tech University Black Cultural Center is a thriving communal space dedicated to supporting students, faculty, and staff. First opened in 2022, the center provides a range of resources designed to promote academic success, personal growth, and cultural awareness. From mentorship opportunities and leadership programs to networking events and educational workshops, the Black Cultural Center is a necessary part of the campus community.

One important relationship the Black Cultural Center has is with the Davis College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. The Davis College is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in its programs and initiatives, and the Black Cultural Center plays a vital role in achieving that goal. Together, they collaborate on a range of projects and events, including the annual Family Weekend event, “The Cookout”, and the support of the Texas Tech Chapter of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS), a student organization in the Davis College.

For many students at Texas Tech, the Black Cultural Center is a home away from home, much like the Davis College. The center provides a space where students can connect with one another, learn about their heritage, and find support as they navigate the challenges of college life.

The center’s partnership with the Davis College is just one example of the both the colleges and departments commitment to building bridges across campus, and provide the best experience for all students at Texas Tech.

Crystal Cumberland, Director of the Black Cultural Center, said that the support and interest of the Davis College has created leaps for not just the Black Cultural Center, but for the university as a unified student body.

“The Davis College has been an essential partner for us, their perspective helps us create a more welcoming environment for our students and helps enrich the educational experience of Texas Tech,” Cumberland said.

Whether it is through events, academic support, or career development opportunities, the partnership between the Black Cultural Center and the Davis College is helping to shape the future of Texas Tech.