Plowman has been instrumental in developing the curriculum for the floral design program. What once was only a lab for horticulture students is now an always full, creative arts credit open to anyone in the university. Plowman fought hard to get the class to where it is, writing and rewriting proposals, and finding what would work to make the class a well-rounded experience for students at Texas Tech.

A mission group of eight travel over open sewer systems on less than ideal roads in a country that experiences conditions most probably cannot even imagine. They pull up to see kids happily playing with a soccer ball in wet, muddy dirt. The kids are excited to see the mission group who are coming to paint their home, an orphanage. The excitement on the kids’ faces make them forget the conditions and they truly understand the reason they are there: to make life better for those less fortunate.

Faith and Caleb Snapp, two visually impaired goat showmen, continue to defy the odds every day. They prove that through a life of a determination, resilience and kindness, anything is possible. As they prepare for college, the twins reflect back on their time in agriculture as two blind individuals who changed the way the show industry accommodates students with disabilities.

Ryder sold his Grand Champion Polled Hereford for a record-breaking $300,000 at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, the biggest steer show in Texas. He and Cupid Shuffle shocked the stock show world by being the first Hereford breed to win the top prize in Fort Worth since 1982 and the first recording of a Polled Hereford to ever win the show.