Brashears is excited to bring her experiences she gained in Washington D.C., back to her career at Texas Tech and incorporate those skills into her everyday roles as a faculty member. From teaching students, to leading several research projects, she will now be able to add a new dimension to the work that she is currently doing.

Arellano is still in the same building on campus, 44 years later, with everyone knowing her as Mrs. Kay. She said in these past 44 years, she has touched the lives of about 1,400 undergraduate students, 400 graduate students, and 60 faculty members.

“I mean, it’s those kinds of things that are the cool moments, the cool memories,” Doerfert said. “It’s not the awards. It’s those moments when I see someone successful because maybe I had a little bit to do with it. That’s my reward. That’s the thing that make me happy.” – David Doerfert

Repurposed with a New Purpose

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday college life, hundreds of Texas Tech University students pass by the Dairy Barn, unaware of its profound history and present-day purpose. However, 50 years ago, many students’ lives, and educations, depended on the Dairy Barn.