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Fall 2018 Issue - page 2

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Cotton Classing 101

In 1907, a group of cotton representatives from around the globe met to resolve key issues throughout the cotton industry. A resolution… Keep Reading

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Cotton Pickin’ Technology

Technology is a driving force for society. As defined by Webster’s Dictionary, technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes,… Keep Reading

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Pipeline to Success

Today in the agricultural industry there is a growing importance for qualified individuals who understand the industry and all its moving parts.… Keep Reading

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Moving Up, Expanding Out

“It’s been great to see the growth in the department, but right now we are basically busting at the seams,” Orth said.… Keep Reading

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Old Course, New Credits

The Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at Texas Tech University now offers classes to learn how to properly arrange floral arrangement… Keep Reading

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The Making of a Candy Man

Nearly 80 years ago, the original candy man known as “Mr. Goodart” moved from rural Anton, Texas, to Lubbock. After selling his… Keep Reading

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