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Fall 2019 Issue

Kristina Butts Visiting
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The Mentor

From a young age, Kristina Butts was involved in the agriculture and cattle industries. Because of that background, Kristina thought she would… Keep Reading

Texas Tech Seal and Tulips
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A Blooming Tradition

Last November, it took 98 crew members two weeks to plant 58,600 tulip bulbs across Texas Tech’s campus, including 8,300 golden and… Keep Reading

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The Full-Time Part-Timer

As a kid, Brandon Ray would head up to Palo Duro Canyon once or twice a year to visit his grandparents’ ranch that… Keep Reading

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Dust in the Nose

By doing more than just observing, Greene was able to paint not from a picture he took but what he felt in… Keep Reading

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Partnering for Pesticides

On Jan. 2, 2017, in Amarillo, Texas, four children died and five others were hospitalized after a pesticide, previously applied, was sprayed… Keep Reading

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True Grit: Texas Tech Style

On a tranquil spring evening, Jerod Foster spoke to his students as the sun descended into the mountains. A golden light was… Keep Reading

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West Texas Wine Women

Katy Jane Seaton wears many hats – mother, farm wife, advocate and business woman - just to name a few. Seaton has… Keep Reading

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Something’s a Brew

I t’s a warm summer evening, the smell of BBQ is in the air, children are laughing in the background, and you… Keep Reading

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Growing A New Generation

The Bayer Museum of Agriculture has begun the process of what will ultimately be a new addition that solidifies it as a… Keep Reading

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Teaching with Aspiration

When I look into my culture and I compare that to what happened here, I want to bring those experiences here and… Keep Reading

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Family Recruiting Family

F or more than 15 years, the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources has traveled more than 500 miles each spring… Keep Reading

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A Blueprint for Growth

“We wanted to set forth that our department is in a revitalization stage,” Palacios said. “We wanted to get the word out… Keep Reading

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