Arellano is still in the same building on campus, 44 years later, with everyone knowing her as Mrs. Kay. She said in these past 44 years, she has touched the lives of about 1,400 undergraduate students, 400 graduate students, and 60 faculty members.

Plowman has been instrumental in developing the curriculum for the floral design program. What once was only a lab for horticulture students is now an always full, creative arts credit open to anyone in the university. Plowman fought hard to get the class to where it is, writing and rewriting proposals, and finding what would work to make the class a well-rounded experience for students at Texas Tech.

Leadership is defined as one who inspires and motivates action; having a can-do personality and strong leadership skills; one who encourages change. Some synonyms include guidance, direction, authority and management. Texas Tech University’s College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources has as leadership program, the Matador Institute of Leadership Engagement, prepares students for the future.