Alexxus Haag: Landscape Architecture

A West Texas native and aspiring artist from Colorado City, Alexxus “Lexi” Haag, started an artistic journey that would send her on a path she never expected. 

“I enjoy creating art,” Haag said. “I wanted to pursue a degree where I could use my artistic abilities to make a living.” 

Her parents saw her talent at a young age, and it was no surprise considering artistic ability runs in her family dating back to her great-grandma. Haag started art lessons before venturing into sports and eventually finding her way back to art. 

“Ever since I started my art page on social media, it has grown a little, and now I do commission artwork,” Haag said. “My orders first started coming from people from my small town simply through them sharing my paintings with their friends, and now I have paintings spread across Texas and even a few in different states.”

This passion led Haag to Texas Tech University where she is a junior landscape architecture major. 

Haag’s most recent assignment and her proudest project is a jungle-themed mural she created in the infant visitation room at the San Angelo Child Protective Services Rainbow Room. 

Haag finds inspiration when hearing that her paintings have touched others’ hearts, and painting the mural was one of those moments. 

“It’s an impactful room because for some parents, that’s the only time they get to see their children,” Haag said. “The only picture they’ll have together is in that room.” 

Although art was not always her main focus, it has, over the years, become a significant part of her life. Haag started where every artist begins, but it is the time and effort that sculpted her to be the artist she is today. 

 “I think the key that got me to where I’m at now is the amount of time I’ve invested,” Haag said.

Even though Haag has been doing art for many years, there are still times where she is taken aback because she created such a realistic painting.

“I believe there is no limit to how great you can be,” Haag said. “The only person stopping you from becoming who you want to be is you. There is no limit to what you can accomplish.”

I wanted to pursue a degree where I could use my artistic abilities to make a living.